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Twitter Rolls Out New Button to Easily Switch Between Chronological and Algorithmic Timeline

After announcing it back in September, and rolling out an initial test with selected users last month, Twitter is now bringing it's new 'Sparkle' button to all users, which will enable everyone to easily opt out of the algorithm-defined feed and see the most recent tweets from those they follow first.

The new button will be present in the top right of the app, where the tweet compose button used to be. When you tap on it, your timeline will switch to show the latest tweets, as opposed to those the algorithm defines as the most likely to be of interest. Tap it again, and you'll go back to "Top tweets" - the algorithm-determined feed.

The option will begin rolling out to iOS users from today, with Android and web to follow soon.

Twitter's algorithm has long been a cause of frustration for users, with some arguing from its initial implementation back in 2016 that an algorithm ranking of tweets runs totally in counter to what Twitter is all about - i.e. highlighting the latest news and updates in real time. Of course, there have always been ways to switch off the algorithm, or at least reduce its impact, but it required users to manually untick a box within their account settings, and/or provide feedback to Twitter that they 'don't like this' on specific, unwanted intrusions in their timeline.

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