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Twitter Renames its Media Center as Twitter Create

Twitter Media is now called Twitter Create, and it will serve as a center for professional content creators and marketers to access resources and updates from Twitter.

Product guides, case studies, and interviews with social media professionals would continue to be offered through the hub, which would see some substantial site updates aimed at improving the user experience and serving a wider range of consumers through Twitter Create.

Twitter has increased its spectrum of professionals and sectors served to include writers, podcasters, gaming, and nonprofits, in addition to professional content creators, social media managers, journalists, and thought leaders.

Content Goals have been divided into categories based on specific objectives such as relevancy, monetization, and engagement. Twitter's content is no longer limited to 280 characters, and the site now includes more features such as Spaces, Communities, and Twitter Blue.

The new site will include tutorials on how to use Amplify Pre-roll, a streamlined solution to monetize your video content on Twitter, as well as information on Amplify Sponsorships and media partners for monetizing premium content.

Creators can now use Media Studio to create, schedule, advertise, and clip professionally produced live broadcasts, as well as learn how content is performing on Twitter. Users can also access its learning resources, knowledge, and dialogues.

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