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Twitter Releases New Industry Trend Reports Based on Growing Areas of Tweet Engagement

Twitter has released a new series of industry reports based on emerging trends to provide additional context about the essential components of attention among its userbase in each area.

The new trend reports, dubbed the 'Birdseye Report' by Twitter, were prepared by Twitter data partners such as Hootsuite, Meltwater, Sprinklr, and others. Each partner takes on a different aspect of the enlarged Twitter discussion, providing each topic and industry its own dedicated focus and providing in-depth insight into the app's most recent important developments.

To begin with, the reports are based on a variety of major Twitter trends from the previous year.

These are some of the current trends:

  • Digital First - Digital Ethics, Cyber Individuality and Metaverse dominated the technology conversation on Twitter

  • The Crypto Craze - In 2021, the number of "crypto" mentions on Twitter surged by 549 percent.

  • Future of Sports - Tweets around the metaverse + sports rose 6,024%

  • Bring the Sweets Back - Between January and October 2021, nostalgia for sweets, chocolate, and candy increased by 55 percent.

  • Mental Health Matters - Monthly “mental health” mentions from 2019 to 2021 on Twitter grew 44.7%

As seen here, you may choose whatever sector report you wish to read, and all of them are available by email sign-up - however you can choose not to be contacted by Twitter or the providing company as a result of your interest.

Based on twitter discussion, each report covers the main trends in each sector, pointing to emerging areas of opportunity and emphasis for your tweet marketing.

As you can see, the reports offer both broad trend results, such as these, which indicate larger swings in each sector, and more particular tweet engagement shifts, compared to key focus aspects.

Those insights could aid you construct your marketing strategy, and each report also offers a variety of more in-depth pointers and data points to aid your understanding of what interests Twitter users the most.

There are also demographic tidbits to consider:

As well as summary points for each, marketers will be able to get the most out of each report:

There's a lot of useful information here, and if you operate in any of the highlighted industries and want to enhance your Twitter strategy, you should absolutely download the data and read over the findings.

Even if you don't want to improve your Twitter strategy, obtaining access to the data and understanding what people are most interested in for each section is probably worthwhile.

You can find all of the Twitter Birdseye reports here.

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