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Twitter Releases New Audio Spaces Co-Hosting Option

Twitter has been working on it for several months, and has now released its new co-hosting feature for Spaces, giving you another way to manage your audio chats.

Spaces hosts will now be able to quickly assign co-hosts from the 'Guests' tab at the lower part of the Spaces display, as shown in this frame. In that tab, you'll notice a new blue-hued 'Invite co-hosts' option, which, when pressed, allows you to browse through those who are visiting your Space and assign that user as a partner host.

Each Space can have up to two co-hosts, who will be able to invite speakers, handle requests inside the Space, and pin Tweets. Co-hosts will also be capable of removing guests, making it an ideal supplementary admin tool. If you're planning on hosting a large Space with a lot of people, having two extra hands to help control and guide the conversation could be a huge help.

This can be particularly useful for brands planning to run Spaces, as it will give them more capability to control the conversation, ward off spammers, and keep the chat civil. Even the capacity to pin tweets could be useful in this case, allowing your co-host to add context to the conversation in order to effectively convey essential topics without taking the speaker's focus away from their presentation.

Due to addressing user requests, Twitter declared in March that co-hosts for Spaces would be returning. It took a few months to build, but that's still much quicker than Twitter's traditional development cycle, or at least what it was in the past. It stands to reason for Twitter to iterate swiftly and guarantee that it is addressing user demand to significantly improve Spaces usage, especially now that the platform is seeking to hold its edge over Clubhouse on this front (note: Clubhouse also has a co-moderator feature, which is practically the same in practice).

Clubhouse's development had weakened in recent months, but it has lately accelerated following the release of its Android app and the deletion of its invite-only limitation. Clubhouse announced earlier this week that it is now supporting 600,000 rooms per day in its app, up from 300,000 in May, demonstrating the app's continued popularity.

Twitter will therefore seek to expand on this strategy.

Through the termination of Fleets earlier in the week, it's now possible to promote Spaces even more, with the top of the feed Fleets 'line' soon becoming the 'Space bar' instead that will illustrate in real-time Spaces in-progress.

Following that, Twitter will launch a dedicated Spaces tab in order to optimize the utility of the feature.

There's really no official timeline for this, but it's clear that Twitter wants to make Spaces a priority, and every modification and enhancement will help to increase usage and expand the function's reach.

This will make it increasingly challenging for Clubhouse to sustain its progress, and it'll be intriguing to see how important the audio social trend becomes over time, particularly as the vaccine push progresses and more areas are able to open back-up and resume in-person interaction.

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