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Twitter Releases Keyword Search Option for Direct Messages

Twitter has now implemented keyword search for direct messages, allowing you to find particular mentions inside any DM text, making it easy to look through previous discussions, products and persons mentioned, links sent, and so on.

Twitter's updated DM search options, as seen here, divide your inquiries into four categories:

  • All — Displays all of your query's results, including username and keyword matches.

  • People — Displays usernames that are related to your given keyword.

  • Groups — Displays a list of group conversations that contain your search keyword.

  • Messages — This now shows any keyword matches in individual Direct Messages.

This will make it faster to browse through your DMs, as well as provide greater flexibility for utilizing DMs for a wider range of purposes, such as customer support and following up on previous replies and interactions.

Last March, Debugger revealed that Twitter was planning to release its DM keyword search feature after a year of development. Previously, you could only search your DMs by username, which is useful but limits your ability to browse through relevant mentions and phrases within your private messages.

In the past, Twitter has tested more complex DM search options, such as searching for shared images and links within a given DM thread.

However, the ability to search by message content is perhaps the most substantial advancement, and it's great to finally have the feature so we can start exploring what we can find.

Improved customer service responsiveness is, once again, the most evident advantage for companies. More search options will help you optimize your DM response.

For instance, you can now search for all users who have inquired about a product and offer relevant updates as they become available, or you can check for previous responses to similar inquiries, which helps you save time.

Twitter's new DM search tools are now available to all users.

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