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Twitter Releases a New Checklist for Small Business Saturday Promotions

As the year draws to a close, are you prepared for that last-minute shopping spree for the upcoming holiday celebrations?

Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday sales in the United States (11/27), is an important date for many. This is when SMBs get the spotlight, showcasing methods to support local businesses and find more specialty offers and alternatives.

This year, it's even more crucial. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the United States have been forced to close as a result of the pandemic, with lockdowns and other restrictions hampering trade. Furthermore, most who have been able to bounce back have only barely passed the hurdles - so if you've ever wanted to help small businesses, now is the moment to do it.

Twitter has produced a comprehensive summary of crucial aspects for your tweet marketing to assist you in making the most of your #SmallBusinessSaturday campaign.

You can explore the visual below or download the entire checklist here.

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