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Twitter published a month of daily tweet promps for brands

Not sure what to tweet about, or what your brand should share on Twitter?

One of the key elements of an effective social media marketing strategy is consistency, but in order to remain consistent, you have to keep coming up with new things to share, content and ideas that are relevant to your audience, that align with their interests, and which also help to further your branding efforts.

And that can be tough, especially if you're not overly familiar with a platform and the nuances of how its users communicate.

To help with this, Twitter has this week published a listing of 20 tweet prompts to get you thinking about what you might want to share, in order to keep the tweets flowing, and keep your brand front of mind by appearing in your followers' feeds.

Twitter says that you can use these prompts as a starting point to refine your strategy:

"Throughout the month, pay attention to which Tweets get the most engagement. Do your followers engage most with the educational Tweets? Silly Tweets? Tweets asking a question? Use these insights to shape your future content and overall Twitter voice."

If you're just starting out, or you're looking to make better use of Twitter to connect with your audience - or you're just looking for a fresh tweet approach, these pointers could serve as inspiration to get you going.

Even in the time of COVID-19, these are relevant notes, and may help you come up with a more effective tweet approach.

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