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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Provides New Insights into Gen Z Engagement and Usage

Twitter has revealed some new information about how younger viewers interact with marketers on the platform through tweets, as well as what they're seeking from brands in particular. Younger users, as you might think, drive the conversation on the site - though you probably wouldn't have imagined they were quite so influential.

Nearly half of all Tweets sent between May 2020 and May 2021 were from individuals aged 16 to 24 years old, according to Twitter. That runs contrary to the popular belief that politically motivated groups are increasingly using Twitter to spread their messages — but Twitter is also renowned for its more left-leaning movements and focus, which would correlate with younger, more progressive opinions on many crucial topics. However, because Twitter trends are mostly made up of young people who aren't necessarily representative of the general public, this may reduce the significance placed on them by some. This data indicates that very young populations are increasingly engaging with tweets, which indicates rising tendencies but may not be representative of broader views.

In a marketing setting, though, generating trends is what we're most interested in, and Twitter claims that 70 percent of Gen Z users use the app to learn about new items and to share their thoughts on them. Twitter is also where Gen Z goes to see if businesses are keeping up with the cultural and sociological dialogues going on around them, with many claiming to use the network to comment on how brands are addressing social problems they care about.

Young people, according to Twitter, want to interact with marketing campaigns, particularly those that invite participation. They were especially engaged when there was a part of the ad that they could riff on — something that could become a meme. Gen Z dominated engagement in one campaign, in particular, sending half of all campaign-related Tweets.

This is also a huge part of TikTok's appeal: it allows users to interact with the brand message and add their spin, which then ties them to a larger conversation and allows for additional exposure and community. According to Twitter's findings, businesses should take a collaborative approach to campaign development, as well as ensure that they stand by their promises and inspire continuous action through advocacy pledges. Continue the dialogue and reach out to them whenever the opportunity arises. That participatory, community-based approach is in line with Gen Z's habits since they expect to be able to participate in campaigns and trends and generate their material.

Social media has provided everyone with a platform to share their thoughts and experiences, and failing to do so is a missed opportunity. Young users who have grown up with social media platforms now want to participate actively in everything. The data indicates that this is a significant opportunity that should be considered in your strategy.

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