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Twitter provides listing of major events for marketers in July 2020

Normally, just ahead of the coming month, Twitter publishes its regular summary of the key dates coming up in the proceeding month, which can help marketers plan their campaigns in order to tie-in with trending discussions and events.

But with the impacts of COVID-19, those normally optimistic, fun-looking listings are starting to look a lot more bare - and a bit depressing as a result.

As such, it's little surprise that Twitter hasn't actually provded a summary of the key dates coming up in July 2020 - but Twitter did include its initial July 2020 listing in its full 2020 calendar (which you can download here), which we've edited below to remove all of the canceled events as a result of the pandemic.

Okay, so it's not overly impressive - there's not a heap of opportunity for celebratory tie-ins, and for the most part, there's not a lot of joy within the current situation, so it may feel like you shouldn't be looking for promotional tie-ins either way.

But, for those business which are able to continue their operations through the COVID-19 restrictions, and are looking for ways to connect, there are still some opportunities here, including World Emoji Day (17th July), National Ice Cream Day (19th) and International Day of Friendship (30th).

There's also, additionally, the planned return of the NBA, in an altered form, on July 31st, while Major League Baseball also comes back on July 23rd.

And maybe, those small opportunities for celebration, for escape from the ongoing weight of COVID-19, could be a means to engage your community in a positive way, and connect with people who are looking for something to ease the tension. They won't be for everyone, and you may not feel the time is right. But there could be opportunities there for those seeking them out.

Marketing during COVID-19 is challenging, in many ways, but with people more engaged online than ever, and seeking connection, and distraction from the news cycle, there could be some considerations in this listing.

Again, you can download Twitter's full-year 2020 event calendar here, though many of the listed events have, of course, changed or been canceled. 

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