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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter Provides Insights into Users' and Brands' Engagement with Identity-Related Core Issues

According to research, Gen Z customers prefer to spend their money on companies that publicly address social concerns.

This inclination is further encouraged with social media platforms acting as means to provide businesses a way to interact with their respective brand communities and lend their voices to worthwhile causes and movements.

Hence, brands must take into account how their primary messaging and follow-up activities support their values and attitudes in many ways because this directly links to identity and how people choose to engage in political and cultural issues.

Twitter and OMG Research recently collaborated to investigate how identity-related tweet dialogues are being carried out in order to gain a deeper understanding of this.

According to Twitter:

“When it comes to serious matters, such as racial justice, gender equality, and climate change, people on Twitter not only welcome brands into these conversations but expect them to speak up on behalf of their followers and others who share their values.”

Once more, the emergence of social media has altered how businesses interact with consumers, changing expectations for what they share and how they show support.

Check out Twitter's insights below for more information.

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