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Twitter Partners with the NBA on Live Broadcasting

Twitter has announced a fairly unusual new streaming partnership with the NBA as it continues to explore new ways to tap into evolving video and social media consumption behaviors.

Further detail from Recode explains that the new initiative will see Twitter live-stream the second half of 20 NBA games this year, but rather than showing the game as you would expect, the stream will focus on a single player, with the camera following that one player around the court.

Fans on Twitter will be able to vote for the player they want to watch during the first half of each game, then you'll be able to see a dedicated follow stream of the chosen star for the latter two quarters. The initiative will begin at this year's All-Star Game in February, and follow through till the first round of the finals.

Interesting, right? I mean, it seems a little strange, but as Recode notes:

"If NBA fans see value in watching a LeBron James “iso-cam” on Twitter while simultaneously watching Turner’s broadcast of the Lakers game on television, everyone wins."

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