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Twitter outlines major events for March to help with your strategic planning

Twitter has this week outlined all the major events and celebrations of note in March 2020 to help with your strategic planning and campaign tie-ins for the month.

Twitter's notes act as a complement to its 2020 major events calendar, which you can download in full here, and can be a major help in mapping out your campaigns.

Of specific note, Twitter says that brands should consider:

Women's History Month - Specifically, Twitter says that brands should look to hone in on International Women’s Day on the 8th and Equal Pay Day on the 31st, "to celebrate the women who make your brand great".

World Wildlife Day/World Water Day - Twitter says that these events provide opportunities to highlight your brand's commitment to social good. "Touch on how your brand contributes to causes like wildlife conservation, or showcase everyday practices like efficient water use and sustainability in your office".

Lighthearted Events - Twitter says that brands should also look to smaller happenings, like Friday the 13th and Pi Day (3/14), to create campaign tie-ins and messaging around these fun themes.

Twitter also notes that the platform itself actually turns 14 on March 21st.

It seems weird doesn't it? It doesn't feel like Twitter has been around for 14 years, yet, it's also become so ubiquitous that it's increasingly difficult to recall what things were like when Twitter, and social media more broadly, didn't exist.

In some respects, maybe we were better off, when you consider the spread of misinformation and rising societal division, along with social media addiction, the reduction in face-to-face, or voice-to-voice interaction, etc. But in many ways, social has helped better connect society, and keep more people linked into what's happening.

Either way you look at it, Twitter's birthday could be an opportunity to share how the platform has helped you and your business, and to engage with your audience around the same.

You can read Twitter's full March 2020 overview here.

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