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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter Obtains Threader App, Allowing Tweet Threads Compilation into Readable Text

Twitter has recently announced the acquisition of Threader, an app that allows individuals to put together tweet threads and share them in a much more legible format by merely tweeting '@threader app compile' within a thread reply chain.

When you tweet at the Threader app, it sends back a consolidated text chain of the thread, which you can read and share with others, as shown here. This provides greater functionality for longer tweeted texts.

There are other programs like this, including Thread Reader, but Twitter also incorporated the same feature to its Twitter Blue paid subscription option recently, which the Threader team assisted in developing it.

Considering this, it'll be fascinating to watch if Twitter decides to shut off other thread compilation tools and bots in order to encourage people to pay for Twitter Blue instead.

That's highly improbable, for Twitter had announced the release of its v2 API, which is intended to allow a more open platform for developers by removing many of the constraints that Twitter had previously placed in effect.

Which implies that Twitter will not be a barrier to such uses and services - but it is an intriguing purchase in this regard, as it could indicate further development of its thread reading integration and management. That is, by simply developing the best, native versions of these third-party apps and tools, is the ideal approach for Twitter to handle this.

While the revamped Twitter Blue offering contains a number of more useful, beneficial capabilities, it may try to fill them out even more by introducing improved analytics tools and alternatives, making it an even more important investment for social media marketers and analysts.

If Twitter added features like the ability to compare accounts, get insights on follower location, analyze competitors, and so on, it might make Twitter Blue, or a variant of it - perhaps a Twitter Red? - even more useful, which could be a new direction for Twitter's premium services.

Although it hasn't progressed there yet, the expansion of Twitter Blue is receiving great feedback, which could lead to additional opportunities for the program in the future.

Threader, on the other hand, will be discontinued on December 15th, so if you want to save any of your old Threads, you'd best hurry.

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