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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Launches Spaces Recording Option to Some Hosts

As Twitter works to make Spaces a more integral part of the in-app experience, it's releasing a major update that might help it reach new heights. Twitter has made Spaces recording available to a restricted group of hosts on iOS. Selected Spaces hosts will be able to flick a toggle in the Space set-up process to enable recording, offering them a new way to share and reuse Spaces audio and maximizing the value of the feature.

Hosts will be able to download their Space's audio, which they may subsequently edit and publish as a podcast or use as audio samples to promote upcoming events. Furthermore, the recordings will not be limited to downloaded files; previously aired Spaces will be available for viewers to tune in in-app as well. Even if it moves beyond the basic, transitory strategy that lets audio social chats acquire momentum in the first place, this might dramatically increase the value of Spaces.

The fact that audio chats were only available in real-time throughout Clubhouse's ascent was a crucial component of its attraction, as it was perceived by some as a replacement for real-life catch-ups, which are likewise not saved for posterity. The ability to record, on the other hand, allows broadcasters wanting to grow an audience to reuse and re-distribute their audio for larger coverage and connection. That might be expanded even further if Twitter allows hosts to save audio streams on their profiles, possibly with a new audio content tab on their profiles.

Even if you don't have access to the next-level storage option, you'll be able to get more value out of your Spaces chats, which will boost the attraction of Spaces as more people learn about it. The only additional decision will be whether or whether your guests wish to be recorded, as well as how much licensing may function. There may be some issues with reusing people's audio without their consent, but Twitter will almost certainly work on adding warnings to let guests and listeners know which Spaces are being recorded, in addition to the basic "Rec" icon blinking in the top left corner of the screen.

As it aims to grow its audience and increase interaction in the app, Twitter is putting a lot of focus on Spaces as a major linking mechanism. As it attempts to grow usage, the platform has increased its development tempo and brought out a variety of new features in recent months, but most of them appear to have fallen short and not caught on with users in any significant way.

Spaces are probably its best bet, and it's seeking to bolster it with a dedicated Spaces tab and better discovery features, which might help it become a more important in-app aspect. Another important feature is recording, and it will be interesting to observe how Spaces usage evolves as a result.

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