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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Launches New Settings Search Option

To make it easier for users to locate what they're looking for in the app, Twitter has added a new search bar to its 'Settings and Privacy' area. As you can see in these screenshots, there's a new search prompt at the top of the Settings and Privacy area that will highlight relevant pages and options based on your keyword query.

This means that you’ll need some idea about what the section you're looking for is called – for example, if you wanted to stop people from @mentioning you and searched for ‘mentions’, it wouldn't find anything because the function you're looking for is in 'Audience and tagging’, or you could be looking for the new 'Safety Mode’, which limits who can mention you.

It’s the only major drawback, as the new feature makes it easier to locate most of the things you would require – and Twitter's search terms will almost certainly be updated over time to produce better matches for indirect inquiries.

It's a basic but possibly effective upgrade, and if it makes it easier for individuals to make the necessary modifications, then it's a worthwhile addition.

The new search bar is currently going out to all versions of Twitter.

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