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Twitter launches its 'Promoted Trend Spotlight' Ad Option

After months of testing, Twitter is now officially launching its new 'Promoted Trend Spotlight' ad unit, which will enable brands to take up to top section of its Explore tab, a prime placement opportunity for major brand awareness campaigns.

Twitter first started testing Promoted Trend Spotlight ads back in July 2018, shortly after the launch of its redesigned Explore tab

It's taken some time for Twitter to roll the option out beyond its initial test group (selected advertisers in the US, UK and Japan), but now, the Promoted Trend Spotlight option will be made available to brands in the US, the UK, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand. 

The option, which Twitter says is a compliment to its Promoted Trend ads, will support 6-second videos and GIFs, as well as static images. ​

"Your ad will appear at the top of the Explore tab for the first two visits per person, per day. After the initial two visits, the placement moves to the standard Promoted Trend placement and organic editorial content resurfaces in the Spotlight placement."

It's an interesting, attention-grabbing way to boost your branding efforts. It's also somewhat similar to YouTube's 'Masthead' ads, which take up the top portion of the main screen.

Though Twitter's variation is in the Explore tab, which won't drive as much exposure. But then again, with Twitter engagement rising over time, more people are no doubt tapping on that Explore tab, and checking out what's trending, in order to stay in the loop. 

But it is also worth noting that Promoted Trend Spotlight ads will be expensive. Twitter hasn't shared the actual cost of these ad units, but as a yardstick measure, Promoted Trends, according to some reports, cost from $250k per day up, dependent on the day you choose. You'd imagine that these prominent, visual ad units will be in a similar ballpark - so while they look impressive, and will likely boost awareness, they'll likely be restricted to larger advertisers. 

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