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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Launches A New Option To Generate GIFs Easier

Twitter said today that it has provided a new option for iOS users to generate GIFs more quickly in-app.

In addition to 'Video,' 'Capture,' and 'Live,' you'll now find a new 'GIF' production option when you go to the Twitter Camera in the tweet composer, as shown in this example. You can quickly make a GIF of anything by tapping and holding the record button, filming your GIF, and then posting it. This is good because it's a simple and useful GIF choice. However, you could already achieve this, albeit in a somewhat different way.

Twitter adds the ability to turn your Live photographs on iOS into GIFs during the composing process in 2019. The new GIF method is nearly identical to the old one, with the exception that you no longer have to hit the GIF button on the Live image.

That does make things easier, and now that the Twitter Camera has a dedicated function for creating GIFs, it may encourage more people to do so. However, it isn't new, and there are a variety of different GIF generating solutions available online, so it isn't a game-changer in terms of functionality.

It doesn't have to be, and in many parts of social networking programs, simplification is frequently just as good as innovation. And, with Twitter expecting to add 100 million new users over the next two years, simplification is critical to maximizing engagement - but I'm not sure how effective or practical this additional option will be at this point.

The finest GIFs are from TV series and movies, and while you can make your own, they won't be nearly as entertaining or engaging as these more well-known reaction memes and trends. That's why it's worth emphasizing that you could already do it. Nobody truly understands. We've had the ability to GIF directly within the Tweet composer for two and a half years, and it hasn't been a popular feature, so it's difficult to see it gaining on now.

In any case, it's all part of Twitter's new visual focus, which could see the company roll out a slew of new features in the coming months to enhance tweet engagement. Which could be good, or at the very least interesting.

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