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Twitter is Testing a New Feature That Allows You to Remove Specific Followers From Your Audience

If you're looking for the option to remove a follower from your Twitter profile without really blocking them, there's actually a roundabout method for it.

Block them first, which would then remove them from your 'Following' group, then unblock them again, and this would effectively cut them off inconspicuously.

But in contrast to this method, a single tap to remove a follower seems to be much easier, which could also inadvertently save you from a lot of trouble.

Twitter appears to be working on such a feature right now, according to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared several screenshots of the option in development.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the new feature allows you to simply remove a follower, which will prevent them from seeing your tweets - however they will still be capable of looking you up in the app and re-follow you if they wish.

According to these initial illustrations, users will be able to remove followers from both their main tweet feed and specific user profiles directly, with a new 'Remove this follower' option appearing in the three dots tweet menu.

This may have various uses. As previously mentioned, there could be times when you want to remove someone from your following list but don't want to block them, and this may be a less offensive solution to avoid them and, preferably, prevent them from seeing your future tweets.

Perhaps they won't discover, and you can continue without engaging with them in the future, and they won't feel slighted as a result. And once they do realize that they've been cut off, you can simply blame it on a Twitter glitch, lowering the risk for embarrassment if they find out you've entirely cut them off.

However, if they do realize, and you truly wish to cut them off, you might just have to rely on blocking anyway - so it likely wouldn't contribute much in absolutely troublesome cases. However, in some cases, it might be a better option.

It could also have specific advantages and use-cases for brands.

This could be especially useful for businesses aiming to optimize their tweet audience, such as removing profiles that are never going to be customers and are plainly not helping to your process.

This type of follower may be distorting your data; after all, what good is knowing your best times to tweet if the people you'll be reaching aren't concerned in your content?

By narrowing your target audience, you can enhance your Twitter engagement and secure that your tweets are reaching the right people, as well as use follower look-alike targeting in your Twitter ads. Your lookalikes will be even more efficient if you target the right followers - those who are most likely to become your clients.

It may not seem to contribute much in terms of functionality, provided that individual users could already do this efficiently, though there are particular benefits to having more capacity to remove unwanted followers from your profile.

The feature is currently being tested, and we'll keep you informed of any developments.

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