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Twitter is rolling out tweet scheduling feature to some users

Twitter seems to be rolling out one of the most useful features everyone would want to use — scheduling. This feature would be quite handy for social media managers and news publications to handle their tweets.

The new feature lets users schedule a tweet on a specific date and time. You can even look at your all your scheduled tweets in the scheduling window. Scheduling seems to be currently available only to some folks on Twitter for desktop.

It’s not clear if this is just a test, or if the feature is rolling out for Twitter’s users for desktop all over the world. We have asked Twitter for more details, and we’ll update the story if we hear back.

Last year, Twitter started to experiment with the scheduler in the composer window. However, the new feature has a dedicated button for scheduling.

The social network has been testing a bunch of features lately including threaded replies and warnings for people who are posting potentially ‘harmful’ replies.

While these features focus more on the health of the platform, schedule features can make the lives of a lot of people easier who depend heavily on Twitter for their work. It can also make announcements and news publishing a lot smoother.

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