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Twitter is removing the Audience Insights from Twitter Analytics

Here's one worth noting for social media managers:

Twitter has confirmed that it is indeed removing its Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics at the end of this month.

Initially launched back in 2015, Audience Insights provides more in-depth data on your profile followers, including demographic profiles, purchase behavior insights, mobile device usage stats and more. These data points can be helpful in mapping out more effective tweet and Twitter ads strategies, giving you more perspective on who, exactly, you need to reach. 

Now, when you head to Insights in your tweet analytics, you'll see a notification like this at the top of the screen.

Twitter hasn't provided any further information at this stage as to a possible alternative, though it is worth noting that Twitter added a new 'Conversation Insights' feature to Media Studio in November last year. Maybe, Twitter will look to incorporate a similar audience analytics tool into Media Studio instead, as it works to build out that tool as a more comprehensive tweet analytics platform.

Hopefully, either way, we'll get access to more and better analytics instead - we'll keep you updated as to any future updates in this respect.

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