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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Is Considering Adding More Elements to its Keyword Blocking and Mute Options

With a new expansion of its keyword blocking and mute tools, Twitter hopes to give users more control over the content they see in the app. These tools will now apply beyond the main timeline. Twitter is working on some changes that will allow you to keep terms and users you've muted/blocked out of a few additional locations. First and foremost, there are the events. Events from accounts you've blocked or muted will no longer appear in your Explore tab, "What's happening" sidebar, emails, or Event-based notifications on Android, iOS, or the web.

Users will have more assurance and control as a result of more extensive blocking, which will allow them to avoid topics and/or persons they don't want to view, hence improving the overall user experience. Users have often complained about Twitter's restricted blocking features, claiming that topics they don't want to see continue to appear even after they've blocked practically every variation of the linked term/s.

In the past, Twitter's systems have allowed some of these forbidden terms to pass through, but the main issue is that muting and keyword banning don't apply to all aspects. Which are a flaw that Twitter is now striving to solve, starting with Events and eventually expanding to Explore, Spaces, and other features.

It's a sensible, well-thought-out enhancement for Twitter's systems. When you consider the negative effects of unwanted exposure on Twitter on people's mental health, it's a significant improvement to Twitter's user control measures. It seems like this should have been a priority for a long time, but in any case, it's wonderful to see Twitter updating its systems to guarantee that any keyword restrictions or muting you put in place apply to all aspects of the service.

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