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Twitter is bringing a new "threathed' conversation update on iOS

It's taken some time, but Twitter has finally rolled out an element of its 'conversational' feature updates that its been beta testing over the last six months

We’ve given conversations a makeover on iOS. When people you follow are in a conversation, you’ll see their replies in a new way in your Home timeline.

This new layout makes it easier to see who's replying to who so you can join in on relevant conversations.

Twitter is bringing a new 'threaded' conversation update to its iOS app, which more clearly defines replies from people you know to any given tweet.

The update is a scaled-back variation of threaded replies which Twitter first showcased in September 2018, focused on improving tweet engagement.

You don't have the color-coding here, or the more prominent signifiers of the tweet author's responses, but the idea is largely the same, helping to make sense of who's replying, and which of the people you follow are engaged in a given tweet conversation. 

Given the emphasis Twitter has put on beta testing via its 'twttr' app, it's somewhat surprising that it's taken them this long to roll out any of the conversational features which are being trialed in the test app. But then again, that is what the test app is for - if Twitter's initial results haven't shown any significant improvements, by whatever measure they're using, stemming from its various tests, it makes sense that it isn't looking to push them through just yet. 

So, now your Twitter replies will have a new look, which could make it easier to engage in conversations with the people you know. It doesn't seem to be a major update, but it could, potentially, change the way you engage, and spark more conversations.

Also, as an aside, I find this interesting:

Twitter schedules its own tweets via Sprinklr, as opposed to, say, TweetDeck. A minor observation, but an interesting one nonetheless.

Twitter says that the reply layout will also be coming to Android soon.

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