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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Introduces A New Game And Updated Its Privacy Policy

Twitter is sending out a series of upgrades to ensure that its projects are all tied up ahead of the company's next stage as it moves through the anticipated last phases before Elon Musk takes over as CEO.

It has changed its privacy policy and redesigned its privacy site, which now features an interactive game to assist users in better understanding their privacy and data options in the app.

The redesigned Twitter privacy policy webpage incorporates simpler language and more explicit connections to pertinent areas of its policies to assist users to comprehend all of the key elements, as shown in the example above. Twitter claims to have revised its policies "with less legalese" and divided the policy display into three main areas to make it easier to discover the information you need. Data collection, data utilization, and data sharing are the three sections. With a click of a button on the main page, you can also obtain a PDF of the entire privacy policy.

Twitter explained it this way:

“It shouldn’t take a law degree to understand privacy policies, so we’ve rewritten ours to try and make it useful - emphasizing clear language and moving away from legal jargon. Beginning today, you can see the updates to our privacy policy and terms of service in the app via settings and on our redesigned privacy policy site.”

The most intriguing new feature is its 'Twitter Data Dash' privacy education game, which is supposed to walk you through Twitter's many policy features through a fun, engaging 2D side-scrolling game. It's like a Super Mario, but the privacy hints and insights aren't prominent or visible enough to be a key feature. However, Twitter deserves credit for attempting something different, and perhaps young people will have more patience and interest in the game, which could help them better grasp their privacy settings.

In any case, Twitter is attempting to make a dry subject more interesting to enhance digital literacy and ensure that more of its users are aware of their privacy and security options, which is a commendable step whether it succeeds or not.

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