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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter Introduces a New Flow for Tweet Reporting to Help with Issue Diagnosis and Response

Twitter is introducing a new process flow for user reports of tweets that aims to properly identify the core issue in every scenario by asking more questions about why you're reporting the tweet, rather than categorizing it as a binary violation.

As seen here, the new process guides users through the reporting process by inquiring who the report is for and what the problem is before proceeding to the possible violation.

According to Twitter:

“The new approach lifts the burden from the individual to be the one who has to interpret the violation at hand. Instead it asks them what happened. This method is called symptoms-first, where Twitter first asks the person what's going on.”

Twitter will be able to better filter each report into the relevant assessment categories, for the design could make it easier to more accurately report issues in tweets, assuring that proper measures is implemented.

“Once the person reporting a violation describes what happened, Twitter then presents them with the Terms of Service violation they think might have occurred, at which point Twitter asks: Is that right? If not, the person can say so, which will help signal to Twitter that there are still some gaps in the reporting system.”

It's not a huge transition, but it might make a big difference, as certain violations may be overlooked because they're reported for the incorrect reasons. By creating a more simple reporting method, Twitter will be able to learn more about each issue, as well as uncover new holes in its reporting process, which will lead to more modifications and improvements over time.

The new reporting process is now being tested with a limited number of users in the United States and will be rolled out to more areas in the coming months.

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