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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Introduces a New Creator Dashboard

Twitter unveiled a new Creator Dashboard section, which will allow creators to measure the money they're making through these tools, as it continues to add additional monetization options for creators to keep them posting and growing their presence in the app.

The new dashboard, as seen here, will give you visibility into your app's multiple income streams, including data on Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, as well as an overall payout tracker to help you remain on top of your performance.

According to Twitter:

"[Creator Dashboard] is designed to help creators further understand how they make money on Twitter and how much they are earning from monetization features, Ticketed Spaces, and Super Follows. Easily accessible from the Monetization tab, the dashboard is a clear way for creators to search through their payment history and see details about upcoming payouts."

It's the latest in Twitter's increasing arsenal of monetization features, which have become a significant priority for the service over the last year. It attempts to give supplemental income sources for creators who have been affected by the pandemic while also keeping popular users tweeting more frequently.

Twitter has added the following features in the last year:

  • Professional profiles for businesses and creators provide different ways to market your company and services within the app.

  • Super Follows allows creators to charge supporters a monthly subscription fee (up to $9.99) for add-ons and unique content.

  • Ticketed Spaces for broadcasters, with 97% of all money flowing back to the originator.

  • On-profile tipping has expanded to incorporate more payment choices, allowing users in more regions to receive money.

So far, none of these features appear to be a significant consideration or money source for the app. However, it's very early, and if Twitter can build a self-sustaining creator eco-system of any type, it will only help fuel on-platform engagement.

Like all social networks, Twitter wants to make sure it's competitive in this area, at least to some extent, because if creators can make more money on one platform or another, you can bet that's where their attention will eventually migrate. As a result, other media may be relegated to the broader 'creative economy,' resulting in a decrease in their overall audience share.

It's a big task for Twitter because users have had free access to all Twitter information for years, so expecting them to pay for other stuff now is a behavioral shift that will take time to establish. However, Twitter is still expanding into new regions, and if it can implant this behavior early on and get creators thinking about extending their audience through add-on revenue tools, that could be a viable option. However, I believe that most users will be hesitant to pay for Super Follow and that many creators will have nothing to offer in terms of add-on content for their paying fans.

Because establishing a viable, valuable stream of unique content is complex, and while some people may believe that they have large, loyal Twitter followings that they've built over time, asking them to pay is a whole different ball game – and that's before you consider that you'll need to provide extra for these users.

This new dashboard, comparable to similar features on YouTube and Facebook, will help users track, plan, and strategize their presence for making the switch to subscription tweet content.

Twitter also stated that they would improve the Creator Dashboard over time. The updated Creator Dashboard is now available on iOS for US creators with at least 10,000 followers who have participated in Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows.

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