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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Experiments With Tags To Indicate Tweet Author Engagement In Replies

Twitter is testing new features, with the most recent being new tweet labels that might be added to tweets to provide additional insight behind certain engagements. It is now working on a new in-stream label that would indicate when a tweet author has liked a reply, as shown in this example given by TechCrunch.

Twitter is similarly showcasing some tweet author replies, with different text colors and a microphone symbol next to the comment. Since 2018, Twitter has been working on it in several forms.

Perhaps it was a pet project of Agrawal's while he was the app's CTO. The aim is that this will increase interaction by alerting users to the most relevant comments from the author, as well as giving fans more prominence in comment streams.

For fans, recognition is an important part of the social media experience, and by emphasizing such engagement more prominently, it might become a community-building tool, prompting more renowned people to respond more frequently.

Musk has proposed several hazy remedies, including charging for embedding tweets from high-profile users. This seems impossible, as does overvalue tweets from anyone - yet it's still one of the areas Musk is targeting for his huge Twitter revival plan.

However, with Twitter's current projects failing to 'achieve intermediate milestones that provide confidence' in attaining its growth targets, as Agrawal recently remarked, it needs to keep throwing things at the wall in the hopes that, together, they will give some advantage.

Its 'vibes' status update experiment, which would see a personalized status indication linked to your tweets, is another similar tagging initiative on this front.

That adds more context to the tweet experience, which might be useful for individuals attending events, as attendees currently add event hashtags to the end of their usernames to alert others to their involvement.

It’s not a major worry in recent years, with nearly every event being canceled, but it appears to be the primary use case, with all of these parts assisting in providing more engagement cues within various aspects of the app.

Everything is now in motion at Twitter, but it may continue to make modifications and tests before moving on to the next level.

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