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Twitter Experiments with New Bitmoji Integration to Show Your Digital Avatar on Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is testing a new integration that would let users use their Bitmoji avatar as their Twitter profile picture, giving you yet another method to represent yourself online.

This screenshot, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, shows how Twitter is testing a new Bitmoji integration within the profile image upload process. There is an "Add Bitmoji" option to link your Bitmoji account.

Naturally, this would connect your Twitter account to Bitmoji owner Snapchat.

In essence, this integration would create a direct connection between Twitter and your Snapchat profile, where you design your Bitmoji character. This may be the first direct integration of this kind between the two platforms.

And given that the two platforms engage in a cutthroat market, this is quite a fascinating integration in terms of competition. However, Twitter doesn't yet have its own native avatar creation tools, and the integration with Bitmoji probably indicates that it isn't planning to add any time soon.

Rather, Twitter is relying on Snap's character creation tools to give you yet another way to express yourself through your Twitter presence.

In an effort to provide users with more ways to express their personality within the app, Snapchat has been working to make its Bitmoji characters a bigger part of the in-app experience. To that end, the company has even introduced a line of branded Bitmoji apparel options.

The broader perspective is that people will start to depend on these digital caricatures as a new form of expression. And as we get closer to the metaverse future, where everyone will be conversing through digital puppets, perhaps it will lead users to employ their Bitmoji characters as their main digital avatars to utilize throughout these creative, immersive environments.

Therefore, extending them to Twitter as well makes a lot of sense in order to strengthen that attachment and connection with the portrayal.

When inquired about the experiment, Twitter responded with the following statement:

“We are always exploring new ways for people to express themselves on the platform. We don’t have further details to share at this time.”

There is currently no information available, but Twitter is studying this possibility. Given that many Twitter users already use odd images of monkeys, goblins, and other cartoon characters as their profile pictures in the app, a Bitmoji connection does make sense.

It may represent a new step on the path to the metaverse and usher in a day when communication is entirely different from what it is today.

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