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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Twitter Expands Spaces Analytics to All Hosts and Co-Hosts

Following a month of testing with a limited group of creators, Twitter has now officially confirmed that all Spaces hosts and co-hosts will have access to comprehensive Spaces data.

The new Spaces analytics features, as seen here, contain information on the number of individuals that listened to your broadcast, the total number of speakers in each session, replay counts, duration, and more.

The expanded data insights can be a great assistance in integrating Spaces into your overall tweet strategy, giving you more information to work with when preparing your audio content and determining if it improves the reach, community building, engagement, and more.

It's somehow difficult to predict how useful Spaces will be. The Clubhouse-led audio social movement has faded, and it's unlikely Twitter has developed Spaces or Spaces discovery to the stage where it's a key element of the platform or a major concern in Twitter campaigns.

However, some brands and individuals may benefit from Spaces broadcasts, and if you can optimize interaction with the format, perhaps as a complement to a monthly Twitter discussion, or a regular Q&A, or to deliver information into your business process, then there's some possible value to gain. Further information on the value of that potential will undoubtedly aid this approach.

Replay analytics for recorded Spaces have been included, along with monetization tracking for ticketed Spaces.

Twitter is also attempting to assist Spaces hosts in maximizing their engagement in conjunction with its audio initiatives.

That might entice more potential broadcasters, or perhaps help users get more out of their Spaces sessions as part of their overall Twitter engagement efforts.

It's unknown what lies ahead for Spaces and Twitter in general, and it wouldn't be surprising if new Twitter owner Elon Musk removed the format altogether as part of his impending cost-cutting efforts.

Although Spaces appears to provide value, glancing through the Spaces section reveals that few individuals are listening in to each session, and it appears to be decreasing in importance among the platform's other upgrades and services.

However, there may even be greater potential, if Twitter can get its subject matching correctly, and emphasize the most relevant Spaces to each user as they go.

Twitter has never been especially adept with this, but Spaces may discover a new purpose as the platform develops.

Until then, you can explore around with new analytics to learn more about your Spaces' performance.

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