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  • Meerelle Cruz

Twitter Expands Official Partner Program, Providing More Options to Assist with Your Tweet Marketing

This Christmas season, are you looking to get more from your Twitter marketing efforts?

The Twitter Official Partner Program has been expanded to include more third-party suppliers who can advise on crucial tweet marketing features if you're looking for new inspiration and expert insights.

Since its inception, the Twitter Official Partner Program has presented cutting-edge technology solutions that are best-in-class, thoroughly vetted, and capable of expanding the possibilities for businesses both on and off of the platform. Seven new businesses have joined the Twitter Official Partner Program, and they couldn't be happier.

As of today, these are the new official Twitter partners:

  • To help you with your tweet strategy, Black Swan Data provides consumer intelligence

  • "Actionable signals in strategic analysis and investment decisions," according to Bloomberg.

  • Hootsuite— Increasing its social media management capacity, Hootsuite now has access to more official tweet data tools

  • ListenFirstMedia - integrates strategic thinking with social media analytics and insights

  • Meltwater, a major media monitoring technology supplier, will soon have direct access to Twitter data insights.

  • Provides AI-powered consumer and market intelligence, Netbase Quid provides a wider range of analytics services.

  • Consumer intelligence services are provided by Talkwalker to power your marketing.

As a result of these new collaborations, Twitter's data and tools will be made available to more people who want to improve their tweeting approach. Customers of each of these platforms will now have access to expert advice on how to make the most of Twitter. Each of Twitter's official partners has met a set of tough requirements based on the following elements:

  • The candidate must be known as a high-quality product leader.

  • Candidates must have a strong and growing business relationship with Twitter, as well as be in good standing with Twitter in terms of health.

  • Candidates must also meet technical and business health standards.

  • The candidate must comply with Twitter's compliance requirements.

As a result, when you work with one of these partners, you can be certain that they satisfy Twitter's standards and adhere to the essential features needed to get the most from Twitter's capabilities. Official partners also have access to Twitter's additional data and early access to beta testing. So if you need help with your Twitter marketing strategy, you now have additional resources available that can provide direction and assistance in a variety of areas.

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