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Twitter Emphasizes Its Customer Service Compatibility in a Clever Post

Regardless of whether you did it deliberately or not, your brand's social media accounts are likely to have received a query or complaint from a user at some point. Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels, where customers demand a response from a company in less than 24 hours, and their team has recently sent out a humorous reminder to utilize brand accounts appropriately.

In 2016, customer service accounted for 42 percent of telecommunication tweets, with 27 percent of those requesting to extend, sign, or change their contracts with telecom companies.

As the epidemic confined everyone inside their homes and had them search out methods to address problems without leaving the house, it was reported by nearly half of customer support teams that there was a 51 percent increase in the number of inquiries pouring in.

In February, 19% of retail banks opened dedicated customer service accounts to give prompt assistance to their clients.

Joe Rice, the Lead Product Solutions Sales Manager, reminded people why Twitter is a great location to engage with clients in a comical way:

The oldest documented customer complaint wasn’t in response to a request for feedback but rather an unsolicited salvo against a perceived injustice. Dating from around 1750 BC in Mesopotamia, the small clay tablet describes how a man named Nanni was delivered the wrong grade of copper ore from a merchant named Ea-nasir. And Nanni wasn’t happy, writing in a now extinct East Semitic language, “What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt?” We unfortunately don’t know how or if Nanni’s complaint was ever addressed, but this ancient artifact does highlight that as a species we’ve been complaining for a very long time.

Joe Rice

Lead Product Solutions Sales Manager, Twitter

Rice then cites a Forrester study that revealed that 70% of businesses rely exclusively on surveys for customer feedback, with a substantial percentage of them relying primarily on email surveys that are rarely viewed. In contrast to a polished survey, Twitter is a venue for immediate contact that is more casual and free-form. Joe Rice wrote in 2019 on the importance of individuals sharing their "unprompted real-time feelings" regarding brands they use and experiences they have.

Personal contact between businesses and their users is essential and expected nowadays. Using social media to respond to inquiries, praise, and concern can only help a company's reputation. Ignoring or deleting incoming communications can lead to dissatisfaction and the loss of consumers who don't feel appreciated and seek the next best option.

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