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Twitter Debuts a New Insights Series Examining Media and Entertainment Trends

Twitter is launching a new content series that will highlight critical observations and comments to help with marketing initiatives, with the goal of providing additional insight into the developing discourse surrounding media trends on the app. Ged Tarpey, Twitter's Head of Media & Entertainment, explains: "The goal is to unpack the latest Media and Entertainment news, trends, and insights on Twitter as they happen. I'll be sharing my perspective and why it's important for entertainment marketers."

The first installment of the series examines the reopening of movie theaters and how Twitter users are reacting to the return of big-screen entertainment. According to Tarpey:

"On Twitter, we see that excitement unfold in real-time. Conversations around movies have grown +105% YoY. That’s because Twitter is a place for discovery, discussion, and dissection. When new trailers are released on Twitter, fans from all over the globe share their thoughts and reactions." The fast-paced structure of the twitter feed lends itself to that early buzz and talk, and Twitter has always been the go-to site for discussing real-time trends and reactions. Tarpey also points out that more people are watching trailers on Twitter than ever before, with a 35 percent increase in daily average organic trailer views, and that the conversation about films and fandoms has expanded to television, with 72 percent of surveyed users saying that Twitter "makes them feel like they are part of an online community" while watching a TV show or movie.

Tarpey also emphasizes the advantages of Twitter's new audio Spaces in terms of strengthening that connection, and according to him, “the power of Twitter Spaces is that it helps to bring a community closer together around your content and offers a venue for in-depth and intimate dialogues in front of a Twitter audience of film enthusiasts." Certainly, with more methods than ever to establish communities within the app, Twitter may well be becoming a more inclusive home for fandoms, thanks to Spaces and Twitter's increasing content producer tools such as newsletters and subscriptions.

This, of course, opens up even more targeted marketing and promotional potential-and with a large slate of films expected to be released in the coming year, many of which were delayed due to COVID-19, this topic is only going to heat up, creating even more tie-in options. It's worth observing how Twitter users react to such, and data insights like these may help develop a tweet strategy and connect into such developments.

Tarpey claims that future editions of his new series will include similar statistical insights and remarks on emerging patterns, as well as how companies can use Twitter to enhance their success in relation to such patterns.

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