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Twitter completes the $1.05 billion sale of the MoPub platform to AppLovin

Twitter confirmed the completion of the $1.05 billion sale of its mobile ad platform, MoPub, to the mobile game developer and marketing software supplier AppLovin Corporation.

The agreement was first announced in October of 2021.

"Now that MoPub has been sold, we're focusing our efforts on improving ads across our platform, with the objective of delivering quicker growth in important areas and accelerating product development," said Bruce Falck, Twitter's GM of Revenue Products.

On March 31, 2022, the MoPub platform, which includes network mediation, Advanced Bidding, and Marketplace, will be decommissioned.

According to Twitter, the MoPub Dashboard and Reporting will be available until April 8.

"Publishers will benefit from a 90-day transition time from close to migrate off the MoPub platform," the microblogging platform said. "AppLovin will directly assist customers in their migration to the AppLovin MAX platform."

MoPub's platform was utilized by 45,000 mobile apps to manage their monetisation at the time of the deal.

It has a global reach of 1.5 billion addressable users.

Twitter intends to double its annual income in order to achieve at least 315 million users by 2023.

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