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Twitter Announces Revue Newsletter Subscriptions Integration with User Profiles

Twitter has advanced its integration of newsletter platform Revue into its systems by adding a new button to Revue creators' Twitter profiles that allow users to subscribe for their newsletter directly from the app.

As seen here, all Revue creators can now include a newsletter panel with a notable 'Subscribe' CTA on their Twitter profile.

According to Revue:

"Revue makes it free and easy for anyone to start and publish newsletters, so we want to make it just as easy to turn your Twitter followers into subscribers. The test group will be able to use the feature on Android and web, with iOS to follow soon."

In June, Twitter began testing the option with a small group of Revue creators, marking the company's first major integration step since acquiring Revue in January. The purchase is part of Twitter's larger effort to expand its creator monetization options in order to increase platform usage. Twitter is also developing new direct revenue-generation projects for users, such as 'Super Follow' creator subscription options, on-profile tipping, and ticketed Spaces.

Revue's inclusion will basically give Twitter users a way to grow their communities while also promoting their expanded content offerings straight from the platform.

The new panel also alluded to Twitter's development of various new business tools that will allow brands to display different products and contact information components on their tweet presence in the future.

It's not really a big deal for it's been in testing for a while, but it's another step in Twitter's overall progress as a creator promotion tool.

Will this encourage more creators to use Twitter? It's difficult to say, but given that Twitter has historically been a poor driver of referral traffic for most websites, it's possible that this won't be a significant access point for newsletters as well.

However, it's another connection method that could aid in improving adoption, as Revue users now have another way to attract readers to switch.

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