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Twitter Announces New Lead for its BlueSky Social Media Decentralization Project

Twitter has appointed a new leader for its decentralization-focused BlueSky effort, which will now move significantly faster’, according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Jay Graber, the inventor of the event planning app Happening and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, will take over as the project's new leader. Graber has already laid out her big picture for a decentralized social environment, and she's ready to start employing new people for the project now that she's got a better idea of where she's going.

But what precisely is BlueSky?

It's an intriguing question with no clear answer. Not yet, at least. According to the BlueSky website, they are working to rebuild the social web by uniting fragmented silos and giving consumers back control of their social lives. Their purpose is to create and promote technologies that enable open and decentralized public discourse.

Decentralization is the main focus of the cryptocurrency movement, which wants to remove power away from big banks and government authorities and put it back in the hands of the people by giving each person the ability to handle their own money and financial transactions (in the case of crypto).

Twitter sees BlueSky as a method to re-distribute power back to users and away from the few big tech giants, in the form of more control over how algorithms and engagement systems are developed, from a social media standpoint.

Dorsey stated three primary focal areas for the initiative when it was first announced:

  • To help with increased efforts to combat abuse and false information

  • To allow users and the general public to have a greater say in platform algorithms.

  • Giving users more say in platform rules to boost conversational health

It's unclear how these efforts would be carried out, but the concept is that, similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects, social networks might be based on community input, with each individual being able to contribute to the whole process.

As you can see, if you have no idea what BlueSky is, you're not alone, because no one knows for sure what the project will wind up becoming just yet. However, Twitter believes Graber is the appropriate person to lead the charge, as he has a clear vision that coincides with these goals. That could have a big impact on how social platforms are built in the future, or it could be a waste of time since the intricacies are too complicated and decentralized to function together. However, Twitter is investing in the effort to find out - and it's an intriguing concept worth investigating.

The issue is that we've gotten too reliant on too few people over time, who govern the fate of the globe through boardroom meetings far removed from people's daily lives.

Perhaps, via projects like this, the power balance can be restored, allowing people to have a greater say in the issues that affect their lives. Maybe. Power structures have always existed, or have formed over time as a result of learned behavior. However, there may be a way to alter this mindset and reorganize such parts.

We'll have to see what the BlueSky team comes up with.

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