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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Twitter Adds New Speaker Listings Displays as Spaces Keeps on Improving

Twitter Spaces has been running for a while now and it just finds more room for improvement! The newest UI for Spaces that has been launched isn't a big update, but rather a small yet helpful detail on it. Added feature displays the speakers within a Space at the top of the screen within the "Add Speakers" display. This updated format will show speakers' names that are already part of the Space alongside with the count for available slots.

As of today, one Space can accommodate 11 speakers, including the host.

Not a major game changer, but seeing Twitter paying attention to small details like this would definitely bring more users in their Space. Getting more user-friendly is one way to attract people as well as showing that one platform puts 100% effort in creating new features.

Expecting more updates from Spaces, have you tried this feature already?

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