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Top Twitter stats for 2020

Looking to make better use of Twitter for your business in 2020?

Twitter's popularity has seemingly taken a hit in recent times, with user growth slowing, but in contrast to this, Twitter's active engagement has been on the rise, and it remains a significantly influential platform for sparking trends and driving conversations.

There are also plenty of opportunities for brand discovery and engagement. These days, people expect brands to have a Twitter presence, and they often expect to be able to use those brand handles for customer queries - where they can get answers faster than most other means

It may not be the central focus of your digital marketing effort, but Twitter remains an important element, and overlooking it means neglecting potential opportunities, which can be gleaned via on-platform research, availability and by actively engaging in relevant discussions and trends. 

If you are looking to get more out of Twitter in 2020, these usage stats may help. The team from Hootsuite has put together a listing of 10 key Twitter stats to consider in your approach.

Hootsuite has included more Twitter info in its full rundown, but you can check out the infographic below for the key stats of note.

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