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Top Agency-Originated Ad Campaigns From 2021 Shared On Twitter

Looking for ideas for your tweet marketing strategy in 2022?

Today, Twitter published samples of some of the year's most successful agency-created tweet campaigns, which may inspire you to think more creatively in your planning. While not every brand will be able to launch a Trend Takeover or a large-scale giveaway, you can still utilize these concepts as inspiration – here are a few of the campaigns that caught our attention.

First and foremost, Twitter emphasizes Got Milk. GALLEGOS United collaborated on a campaign for National Milk Day. Got Milk wanted to be a part of the #NationalMilkDay (1/11/21) discourse and own it. On Twitter, the brand wanted to spread positive messages and develop positive feelings about the brand and dairy milk.

The firm established a "Milk Grams" delivery service, as seen in the above tweet, in which it shared bespoke tweet messages with people who remarked on the original tweet. Got Milk was able to post a variety of positive messages with numerous handles as a result of this, reinforcing the brand's standing in the market. It's not a viral example because it didn't go viral in the traditional sense. It did, however, assist Got Milk in re-stating its brand objective and expanding its messaging through various reactions and replies.

GALLEGOS and Got Milk also collaborated with BTS, a popular Korean pop group, which resulted in some viral Tweets. That'll happen if you team up with the platform's most popular band. For those who are capable, this is a good option.

This HOKA footwear ad, which aimed to promote the brand while simultaneously honoring the work of nurses during the pandemic, was also highlighted on Twitter.

Athletes are usually the focus of HOKA (especially runners). Nurses and health care professionals, not athletes, were the most visible and inspiring demonstrations of endurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. HOKA wanted to interact with this audience, so they joined the ongoing nurse support conversation.

HOKA was able to enhance its branding while also showcasing the work of nurses and linking to a hot discussion by using targeted adverts. The ad emphasizes the importance of utilizing trends that are relevant to your company to stay in the conversation.

Remarketing, trending takeovers, video advertisements, and other Twitter ad features were used in several of the instances provided by Twitter. So, while Twitter is attempting to highlight its numerous ad tools and alternatives in certain respects, there are some intriguing factors here that could shape your approach.

The key to successful Twitter marketing is gaining attention and using the network in innovative ways. For some, this may entail quick retweets and on-brand comments, but for others, it may entail thinking about how users interact with tweets and how you can leverage the platform's many features to encourage engagement and interaction, which can assist to increase overall reach. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to this, but learning from other brands' successes can assist to shape your thinking and approach, which can lead to better results that are more in line with how consumers use Twitter today.

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