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  • Ruth Raima Servida

To Lessen Toxicity, Instagram Tests Out New Comment "Limits"

Instagram's new initiative is focused on limiting actions from groups of users, as opposed to muting or restricting an individual profile. This new option rolling out is to combat on-platform abuse.

In the above example posted by Ahmed Ghanem and was shared by Matt Navarra, some Instagram users are now seeing this new "Limits" option within their privacy settings. This feature enables users to temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages from selected groups.

Based on detected activities, Instagram will recommend groups of accounts that a user may want to limit, which will then let users hide interactions from these users unless they manually choose to change the settings and see them.

Users can specifically choose to limit interactions from accounts that don't follow them, or even new followers, which may help in reducing the impact of those looking to join a pile-on, resulting to users being "cancelled" or anything similar to that. "Cancel culture" has been occurring more lately, with attacks or criticisms, one can fall into the deep pit of it.

“We want to give people more ways to manage intense instances of harassment or abuse. We’re testing a new tool that lets people hide comments and DMs from recent followers or people they don’t follow for a certain period of time.” Instagram said.

The new option on Instagram aims to limit "brigading", this is where groups of people rally together to target an individual.

Surely, one can never control what others will say, but having options to not receive these kinds of comments will assure user's safety on the platform. Remember, words can be sharper than swords.

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