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Tiktok Unveils New Initiatives And Creative Tools In Celebration Of Pride Month

This June, the Pride Month, TikTok has unveiled a slew of new features and tools to assist users celebrate the LGBTQ+ community while also supporting producers on the platform. To begin, TikTok has launched a new campaign using the hashtag #ForYourPride to encourage community involvement in the event.

It's worth noting that TikTok has tightly linked the promotion to the famed #FYP hashtag, which practically every TikTok user adds to their posts in the attempt to obtain more exposure on the platform. According to TikTok, adding the #FYP or #ForYou hashtags has no effect on the app's analytics or processes, therefore there's no sense in doing so. Perhaps this is a technique of diverting users' attention away from those tags and toward the other, more relevant identifiers they may include in their captions. TikTok has added nine new rainbow effects in the creative tools for your videos, including ‘Rainbow Hair, Rainbow Curtain, Rainbow Trail, Pride Lighting, Pride Time Warp, Pride Rainbow Cheeks, Pride 3D Lashes, Pride Glittery, and Pride Flag Sky AR’. TikTok has also revealed the names of the creators who will be included in its second annual LGBTQ+ TikTok Trailblazers campaign, which aims to recognize creators who are making a positive influence on the platform. Their works will be highlighted the whole month, with feature spots on their own profiles and on the Discover page. TikTok LIVE will also feature a variety of musical performances and community-building initiatives, including appearances by Charlie XCX, BennyDrama, and Gia Woods. It's also hosting the first-ever TikTok Pride March, which is described as "a TikTok LIVE Lineup fundraising event lasting 12 hours over 24 differing programs sponsored by countries all over the world." Significant events such as this can strengthen interest in TikTok Live in general, which is increasingly becoming into an eCommerce platform within the app. Also, TikTok will donate $500K to organizations that help the LGTBQ+ community. Pride Month is an essential endeavor in raising awareness of the LGTBQ+ community, as well as providing improved understanding and acceptance of different lifestyles. And now that TikTok has become a more prominent part of the social media environment, it can help amplify these sentiments while also encouraging engagement within the app.

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