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  • Meerelle Cruz

Tiktok Takes The Lead In-App Annie's 2021 App Performance Report

App Annie has released its yearly analysis of the best performing applications in terms of downloads and revenue, highlighting TikTok's dominance and influence in the broader social media landscape. The impact of [TikTok] on the 2021 data is undeniable. It placed CapCut at the top of the breakout app expenditure list (which ranks apps with the largest change in spending over the past 12 months), as well as the breakout downloads chart. Why? Because CapCut is a TikTok editing tool that will be available globally in April 2020.

As you can see, TikTok and CapCut are at the top of each list, while Instagram still has the most active users, while Facebook is at the bottom. But TikTok's influence isn't limited to its applications; TikTok knockoffs like India's MX TakaTak and Moj are also gaining traction as alternatives to TikTok, which is prohibited in the region.

Because of this broader impact, every social app is now attempting to incorporate TikTok-like features and characteristics, because the broader shift is predicated on the habitual trends and behaviors that TikTok has inspired, which users are now actively participating within other venues.

Is this to say that all apps will someday resemble TikTok? With Twitter initiating a new experiment with its Explore feed, changing it into a TikTok-style display, and Instagram exploring a new vertical structure for Stories, it most likely does.

Pinterest's Idea Pins are starting to look more like TikTok, and Snapchat's Spotlight feed already has a full-screen, swipeable UI. It's safe to assume that, at least until the speculative metaverse takes over and we're all immersed in fully immersive virtual surroundings, everything will go TikTok-style.

TikTok has also witnessed the largest year-over-year increase in overall app spend, according to App Annie's data. This speaks well for the app's increased eCommerce and monetization plans, which will help feed the app's creative economy, which will be critical to the app's growth beyond a billion users. Because short-form video can't use in-stream adverts, platforms must find other methods to make money, and TikTok's ability to allow eCommerce and brand relationships for creators will be crucial.

If it can assure that those creators are compensated, they will continue to post to the app and grow their audience — but if other platforms offer better revenue share terms, you can bet that they will migrate away over time. According to the research, TikTok is well-positioned to continue growing and allowing business options for more creators.

Of course, none of this is surprising, since nearly every report has emphasized TikTok's growing power, and, as previously said, every social app is now attempting to limit TikTok's growth if at all possible. But it's yet another reminder of the site's power and prominence, which might see it overtake Facebook as the most popular social media platform in the last phases of the medium as we know it before we move on to the next era of digital connectivity.

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