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  • MaryGrace Lerin

TikTok's Trend Discovery Listings now include Insights on the Most Popular Songs by Region

TikTok has added a new feature to its Creative Center's Trends section, which now displays a list of the app's most popular songs at any given time, which can be filtered by area.

You can now browse the most popular tunes and hashtags being used in the app at, as shown in this example, with a variety of time period filters for each (up to the previous 120 days for hashtags and the last 30 days for songs.). You may also filter the most popular TikTok clips in your area by 'Hot,' 'Likes,' 'Comments,' and 'Shares' (over the previous 7 days or 30 days).

The 'Top Ads' display was the centerpiece of TikTok's Creative Center when it initially released in March. Top Ads is now featured in the broader trend insights offering (on a separate tab), alongside 'Showcases,' delivering some interesting insights into what's working and how the other businesses are using TikTok's promotional tools to connect its ever-growing audience, as shown in these screenshots.

Music is an essential component of the TikTok experience as a whole. TikTok claimed last month that over 430 songs reached a billion video views in the app in 2021 – a threefold increase over 2020 – and that over 175 songs that trended on TikTok during the year appeared on the Billboard Hot 100.

Music may also be used to promote a brand, with 73% of respondents in a recent Kantar survey saying they would be more likely to stop and look at TikTok commercials that used audio aspects, with popular music being a prominent attention-grabber in the app. Of course, not every business can afford to use the most recent popular tunes in their marketing campaigns. However, it's important noting that the songs that are trending aren't all legally licensed, and they also reflect broader app usage trends and habits.

TikTok states they're striving hard to improve its trend insights and provide additional data on real-time changes and behaviors, making this a valuable resource to save for your strategic efforts.

It may also just be a useful reference point for figuring out what's going on in the app.

There is definitely research potential here - you can see the most recent TikTok Trends display at

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