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TikTok's Testing a New Feature to Invite Your Connections in Other Apps

TikTok is trying out a new feature that allows creators to build their following by inviting their friends on other apps to view their clips and follow their TikTok profile all in one go.

As shown in this example by Dan Schenker (and shared by Matt Navarra), the new option, which is now accessible to some users, allows you to share your most recent TikTok clip through different third-party platforms. When your receivers in these other apps click on the link to watch your shared video, they'll be instantly subscribed to your TikTok account, which will help you gain more views and follows.

This is how the new invitation appears to the recipients:

It's a quick and easy method to grow your TikTok following and interact with individuals you know on other platforms who may or may not be TikTok users. The primary benefit for TikTok is that by allowing users to invite friends off-platform, more users will return to TikTok, where they will be required to sign up for an account if they do not already have one to see the shared video.

However, with users being able to forward their videos to all of their connections on other networks, there is a possibility that this may be exploited for spamming. TikTok has reduced this by allowing you to share your clips with only one contact at a time, and you can only share with people you're already connected with in other platforms, which means you're less likely to share your video with strangers.

Over-enthusiastic TikTokers seeking to 'growth hack' their way to supposed fame may still make unwanted attempts. Considering the process, it appears to be less of an issue, although it could still be troublesome in some cases.

It could be a useful technique to increase the number of people who see your TikTok video and strengthen your connections with people who are more inclined to leave you a like (since they know you), which could help you improve your overall performance. At this time, it's unclear how many people have access to the feature; we've reached out to TikTok for further information, and we'll update this story if/when we receive a response.

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