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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok's Search Ads Are Now Available In Beta For A Limited Number Of Partners

TikTok started pilot testing advertisements in search results this week, giving advertisers another option to reach the TikTok audience via the search phrases they employ. TikTok's new search advertising, labeled with a 'Sponsored' label, appears above the "others looked for" phrases section on the search results page, as seen in this example uploaded by digital ad specialist David Herrmann. This normally indicates that they'll appear inside the first four results presented.

The option will eventually allow TikTok advertisers to target searchers seeking certain terms, which might be a wonderful method to reach people who are more likely to buy and a great complement to your whole TikTok marketing strategy.

Herrmann also mentions that TikTok would supply marketers with a list of the search phrases that drove clicks on their campaigns, giving your advertising even another potential targeting feature. Based on this, you may create a database of the app's most popular related searches, which can then be used to drive your content targeting and video titles in the future, allowing you to obtain more value from your overall TikTok strategy.

TikTok is currently developing its full ad suite, as well as its creator income split scheme, which remains the company's largest risk. TikTok currently gives creators its Creator Fund and tipping, among other smaller income possibilities. Artists, on the other hand, can make more money on YouTube and Instagram, which both have better established, more direct monetization solutions that allow creators to simply publish clips, accept advertisements, and collect.

Because you can't insert mid- and pre-roll clips into short video clips in TikTok, this isn't possible. That's why it's looking to add longer videos and facilitate new eCommerce partnerships, but if it becomes a bigger issue, and creators start complaining more about the lack of revenue options in TikTok clips, to the point where they turn their attention elsewhere, it could become an existential concern if TikTok can't right the ship.

It has lots of time to work on this, and even if it only serves as a supplement to authors' existing channels, they will continue to publish to the app. However, I believe that exclusive content partnerships offered by each app will be the next great battle in developing the larger creator economy, with Meta and YouTube looking to lock in their most successful stars and prevent them from uploading to TikTok instead. This might diminish TikTok's market share, or at the very least stifle its growth - which is why the app needs more ad options and tools to increase its revenue potential and mitigate risk.

Search advertising is simply one aspect of the bigger picture – and it might be very beneficial to brands.

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