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  • Isabel Encinares

TikTok’s Newly Improved ‘Branded Content Toggle’

Recently, TikTok has been looking for more ways to be transparent with their branded creators and users. In line with this, TikTok has announced an expansion to its Branded Content toggle, which influencers will soon need to switch on whenever they promote products in their clips.

According to TikTok:

"Branded content is subject to our Branded Content Policies. We published Branded Content Policies on our website at the end of May to support the beta test of the Branded Content (BC) Toggle in select regions. The BC toggle enables creators to prominently and seamlessly disclose when there is an exchange of value to influence the creation of the post. When enabled, the toggle adds a disclosure (for example, #Ad) to the description of the video."

As TikTok has explained, they aim to give users another level of disclosure by implementing a new element that features a simple switch. This new feature must be toggled on when users promote different products in their clips and is set to inform users that the clip they are watching contains an ad.

The Branded Content toggle is currently only available to accounts with over 10k followers in a few select regions, but it is set to be made a necessity available everywhere soon.

"You must enable the Branded content toggle when posting Branded content on TikTok. If you include disclosure to your video description (for example, #Ad or #Sponsored), we will automatically enable the Branded content toggle if it is available for you."

With businesses becoming more interested in utilizing TikTok as a marketing platform, TikTok has been upgrading its business tools and as they plan to fully utilize their amazing market presence. In fact, the introduction of the new Branded Content toggle is simply one step in their master plan. TikTok’s current greatest challenge in growing as a business platform is providing monetization options good enough to compete with Facebook and YouTube. In order to achieve this and keep the top TikTok stars and creators creating, TikTok will need to delve even more into the world of eCommerce and start facilitating and looking at brand/creator relationships.

In line with different relevant ad laws, the Branded Content toggle was introduced to ensure that TikTok users are enclosing each and every deal made on the platform, thereby increasing the amount of transparency observed on the platform.

And while multiple regions may still not have the Branded Content toggle, it’s technically a legal requirement in most places to provide disclosure when displaying ads or promoting products.

"Even if you don't have access to the toggle, you are still expected to disclose where you are posting branded content in a way that's clear to your followers.

While this update is indeed a small one, it is certain to help TikTok boost brand partnership efforts and build up its marketing credibility. With eCommerce growing in popularity and interest, marketers may start to note down that the best way to promote products and brands on different platforms is through UGC and creator-led approaches.

If you are planning to market on TikTok, then it would be great to note the rising interest in business on TikTok.

In case the Branded Content toggle is already available to you, here's how you can turn it on:

  1. Tap the More options button on the Post screen, and then tap Branded content

  2. Turn the toggle On.

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