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  • Isabel Encinares

TikTok’s New UK ‘For You House’ Pop-Up Store

As TikTok continues to rapidly grow and spread its influence, they have begun to explore new opportunities in order to truly maximize market presence. TikTok is opening a new ‘For You House’ pop-up store in the UK. This store will give fans the opportunity to meet and interact with a number of the platform's stars. Visitors to the store will be able to ask for tips, insights, as well as create their own original videos in a number of stage sets.

The new store will be located in west London shopping center and will take up a total of 4000 square feet. TikTok plans to host a number of creator education sessions as well as meet and greets within the store all throughout the month of its launch.

According to The Guardian:

"Influencers including British teenager Kyle Thomas, comedian Ehiz Ufuah, chef Poppy O’Toole and freestyle footballers Jeremy Lynch and Ben Black, will offer £5 ($US6.95) sessions explaining how to make content for TikTok. Sessions will also be available for parents to learn how to keep teenagers safe on the platform."

As has been previously noted, the For You House will be equipped with a number of themed rooms and sets, including a garden, a dressing room, and even a kitchen.

The different stages were not created only for the sake of being interactive film sets, but will also be used to facilitate a range of TikTok education sessions. In these sessions, creators will be demonstrating the different ways that TikTok clips can be used to promote different interests.

TikTok’s pop-up store is actually quite similar to YouTube’s past pop up spaces, such as the 2019 ‘Exponential House’ in New York.

While past pop-up stores and stands were quite successful, times have changed, and it is quite interesting to see how the store will operate within the context of the pandemic. TikTok is looking to maximize its branding by latching onto the wave of in-store shoppers which has slowly started to grow as the pandemic nears its end.

As vaccines have started to finally kick in and people are feeling safer, shopping mall owner Westfield has actually partnered with TikTok to create the pop-up store. This is a part of Westfield’s push to get people to return outside and into stores. TikTok was the perfect partner as its popularity would be the perfect push to get users, especially those of the younger generation, back into the various facilities. According to Campaign, TikTok creators will be able to book slots in any of the For You House rooms. When you book one of TikTok’s creator rooms, you can film content as well as get your hands on some complimentary TikTok merchandise.

Despite the number of apps competing, TikTok has continued to sit at the top of download charts and has continued to display amazing numbers of growth all across the globe. However, this growth was observed during the pandemic, which could mean that TikTok could see growth slowed or stunted once people are back to their normal day to day. However, TikTok probably won't have much to worry about, as its crazy popularity has allowed it to cement its place in the social media ecosphere.

Campaigns and promotions such as the For You House are extremely beneficial if you want to improve branding and become a well-recognized, established brand. Through the new For You House, TikTok has definitely gained more recognition and has further solidified its presence.

Mark it down on your calendars because the TikTok For You House will open on July 22nd, and will only be open for two weeks.

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