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TikTok's new set of basic pointers for brands

Given it's varying controversies, many businesses have hesitated at wading into TikTok, and building a presence within the app.

Should your business be on TikTok? That's difficult to say, and it's really up to each organization to examine the potential of the app for reaching their audience, and to weigh that against their perspective on its overall policies and processes. 

However you look at it, for those that are comfortable, there is significant potential in the app for certain audiences, and ways in which you can use short video clips to build connection. But as with all trending apps, you can't just jump in and start posting your offers - you have to get an understanding of how TikTok works, what people respond to, and how to promote your business in an effective way.

To help with this, TikTok has this week published a new set of basic pointers for brands looking to establish a TikTok presence.

As explained by TikTok:

"As a short-form mobile video platform with infinite possibilities and potential, TikTok is a creative playground for marketers and users alike. It can be challenging to come up with a great creative – but fret not, our mobile-first principles are here to guide you! Presenting: The ABCDEs of an appealing creative on TikTok."

The notes here are fairly broad, so don't expect any specific tricks, but they might help you develop a better approach to your TikTok efforts.

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