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  • Isabel Encinares

TikTok's Announces New Info Sessions 'TikTok Unplugged'

Interested in doing business on TikTok?

Whether you're just starting out or are already knee-deep into a TikTok business campaign, TikTok’s new ‘TikTok Unplugged’ business info sessions are sure to help you out. These info sessions will go into depth with some of the platform’s most successful creators. The tips, tactics, and business secrets shared within these sessions are sure to help you grow your brand and increase exposure on TikTok.

As has been explained by TikTok:

"Go beyond ads and collaborate with creators to get your brand in front of the TikTok community authentically. Learn about their creative processes LIVE on TikTok: UNPLUGGED Creators Spotlight sessions."

TikTok has released a list inclusive of the different creators and sessions that will be released throughout the month. You can check out the list on the event’s dedicated website.

When a session is being broadcasted live, it will be displayed right on the website’s central video screen. Moreover, on the site, it is even possible to RSVP to future broadcasts and events, or view the past video sessions.

As TikTok grows and gains more users, marketers are slowly developing more and more interest in marketing on TikTok. Fueled by the people’s urge to learn more about the platform, and it’s different possible marketing strategies, this event is sure to gain a lot of attention, and rightfully so. The insights and pointers to be presented by the different successful professionals are sure to tickle your fancy.

Want to read more? Read about the event and sign up on the website HERE.

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