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  • Meerelle Cruz

TikTok Rolls Out Quick 'Promote' Ad Option to All Business Accounts

TikTok is now pushing out its Boost-like ‘Promote' option to all corporate customers after trying it out with a few select accounts over the past few months.

Promote is now available to help businesses reach more people and expand their TikTok communities starting this month. You can use Promote to transform any organic TikTok video into an ad from inside the app. You can begin reaching out to new audiences, establishing a following, and increasing traffic to your company's website.

As previously said, the tool is similar to Facebook's Boost button, which allows you to easily create an ad campaign to amplify your postings. You'll be able to launch a rapid promotion once the option is accessible on your profile:

1. Choosing the video to promote - You can promote any of your TikTok videos. To reach more people with your most popular content, we recommend starting with one of your best-performing organic videos.

2. Setting up your promotion - Decide on a campaign goal (more views, website visits, or followers), a budget, and the amount of time the promotion will run, as well as the demographic you want to reach with your video.

3. Keep an eye on your numbers - Once your promotion has been authorized, you can check in to see how your video is doing and how many new people have learned about your company!

TikTok's Promote option can be accessed via the fire icon on each video, TikTok's Creator Tools menu, or TikTok's Business Suite.

You can select one of three objectives throughout the Promote process:

  • More video views - This aids in increasing the number of people who watch your video.

  • More individuals will visit your website as a result of this.

  • More followers - This aids in the growth of your following.

If you select 'More website visits,' you will be prompted to input your website's URL and select an action button (for example, 'Learn More,' 'Shop Now,' or 'Sign Up'). In terms of targeting, you have two options: ‘Automatic,' which means TikTok will show your sponsored clip to people it thinks will be interested, or ‘Custom,' which allows you to select your own targeting parameters (gender, age, and hobbies).

Promote is also only available for public videos that don't use copyrighted music. So, if you wanted to capitalize on a popular song's trend, you won't be able to enhance that clip.

Promoted clips will have a ‘Promoted' label in targeted user For You feeds, indicating that they are part of a funded outreach effort.

How effective is it, then? So yet, no one knows for sure, but many brands have had success with TikTok ads in general, and it could be a fantastic way to swiftly amp up your best-performing clips. Some marketing experts have advised against utilizing Facebook's Boost option in the past because the targeting possibilities are restricted, and if you're going to run a campaign, you should use all of the available options with a proper ad campaign.

However, TikTok's Promote tools may be different and give different outcomes – and TikTok's algorithm is very effective at showing people more of what they like to see. Perhaps this will also make its automatic ad targeting option more effective in this regard - but at this point, it all boils down to trial and error to see what results you can achieve from the various alternatives. It's something to think about for your approach, and with the holidays approaching, it might be worth a try.

Here's where you can discover more about TikTok Promote.

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