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TikTok Releases New Report on How TikTok Clips Help Families Connect

TikTok has released a new report that examines how TikTok clips help families interact, as well as how the app appeals to people of all ages who use #FamilyTok and similar hashtags.

According to TikTok:

“From endearing toddlers with big attitudes to grandmas with hilarious one-liners, TikTok transcends generations and brings families together to create, have fun, and be entertained. To recognize this unique community of creators, today we're introducing ‘TikTok Runs In The Family’, a report that explores popular creators, videos, hashtags, and trends from this year that helped families grow more connected, laugh uncontrollably, and find a second family through the TikTok community.”

'Second family' can be a stretch, but the point of the study is to show how a wide spectrum of people can find amusing, interactive trends that appeal to them, and to emphasize that the app isn't just for youngsters.

This can be a dangerous notion. Due to increased adoption by older users, who have pulled their relatives and other connections into their broader networks, both Facebook and Instagram have lost part of their youth attraction over time, reducing their distinct look and freedom in posting.

TikTok is still ways away from there, but all apps that want to increase usage must make that trade-off at some point. And, in the long term, having more users is a better problem to have.

The 19-page report includes significant hashtags and usage analytics, as well as popular memes, artists, and branded content collaborations among family creators.

The report also examines some of the most often used effects in these communities:

Including a more in-depth look at the expanding popularity of some of the genre's most popular trends and tags:

Well, if you can consider it a genre. The focus here is on family-related stuff, such as parenting, family connections, siblings, spouses, and so on. As much as TikTok wants to emphasize the diversity of its artists and the broader appeal of the platform, the links back to the core 'families' trend is somehow sparse.

Nonetheless, there's a number of important, insightful trend data to absorb here, which could offer more understanding into the popularity of key trends and bring your attention to areas of the TikTok community you weren't aware of.

The full 'TikTok Runs in the Family' report may be downloaded here.

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