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  • MaryGrace Lerin

TikTok Releases New Holiday Marketing Guide to Aid Strategic Planning

Is TikTok going to be a part of your holiday marketing campaign in 2021?

With the platform maintaining to dominate the app download charts and gaining more users, it will undoubtedly see a lot more use, making it a strong contender for Instagram in terms of focus and relevancy.

It may be even more true among younger users, who are a critical market for increasing brand recognition and demand. It may not be suitable for every business, and you will need to invest time in learning the platform to maximize your campaigns (the top TikTok advertisements feel like regular TikTok clips). However, for those planning their holiday strategy, it may be worthwhile to try out new things with TikTok to keep up with emerging usage trends.

This can greatly aid you if you are contemplating about it. Part one of TikTok's 2021 Holiday Marketing Guidewas released this week, and it includes crucial usage figures, important shopping days to remember, and even a calendar overview for organizing your outreach.

Next week, TikTok will offer more suggestions; you can read the complete overview here or see the following infographic summary below.

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